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Epoxy Flooring Systems & More

Epoxy flooring systems work well in a variety of environments offering durability and slip-resistance in a color palette as big as your imagination. From custom logos to multi-color flake and our top of the line Reflector Enhancer "marble-effect" flooring options we can make sure your business looks great from the ground up!

In warehouse and manufacturing environments Epoxy Flooring Systems work especially well due to their concrete sealing properties. This dramatically lowers the amount of off-dusting that naturally occurs with open concrete.

Flake floors are great for garage and workshop environments as they are able to offer chemical resistance. The finished profile of Flake flooring systems make them inherently slip-resistant and a great option for commercial kitchens.

Reflector Enhancer flooring offers an "upscale", one-off design for an retail or dining environment that your customers will love for years to come.

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