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MAC Industrial Services exists to provide our customers with industrial cleaning services and coatings application with the outcome of safety, quality and affordability that is unmatched in the market space. We have been going above and beyond to let our customers know they are in good hands since 1996.

Company Profile.


MAC Industrial Holdings was founded in 1996 by the Moore family. We were originally conceived as an environmentally friendly alternative in the flooring industry. 

As the company grew so did the scope of its vision. A providential idea on an evening drive led the company into the plastics industry as a provider of off-site water jetting. We applied this technology in an environmentally sound process that helps companies to reuse parts of their equipment instead of cycling it out of service.

In 2016, the company began anew under Mark Vyvoda's leadership. Evaluating our core business, we developed a team to take the company into a new era. Since then, our focus has grown to include all things surface preparation and related services.

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