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Off-Site Water Jetting

We offer off-site water jetting as way of cleaning extruder screws, die heads, breaker plates, centrifuges, and piping.

MAC Industrial has been in the water jetting business for over 20 years and enjoys relationships with nearly ever major plastics manufacturer in the area. We can get your parts looking like new quickly and for a price that cannot be matched.

Painting & Specialty Coatings

We offer a variety of different coatings systems to meet the needs of even the most difficult service environments. 


We are an experienced applicator with a focus on safety, quality, and getting your project completed by the deadline every time. Please reach out to us with ​your upcoming work.

Epoxy Flooring Systems

MAC Industrial's Epoxy Flooring Systems are the go-to option for warehousing, manufacturing, commercial kitchen, dining, and retail spaces.

If you are looking for a tough, great-looking, CUSTOM floor for your commercial or residential space then our Epoxy Flooring Systems are an option that can be designed to fit all your needs! From slip- and chemical-resistance to dust control epoxy flooring is an infinitely customizable floor that is also durable enough for your garage.

Burn Off Cleaning Oven

MAC Industrial is always trying to find a more environmentally sound way to do business and Pyrolosis is just that.


Pyrolosis is a process we use to remove debris your most intricate industrial parts. This helps to extend their life which reduces the impact on both your wallet and the environment. We use a super-heated oven to strip the grime from your die heads, piping, etc. and return them looking brand new.

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